Lightbringer Lands

Chapter 2 part 2 sanatarium and scarecrows

The party went to speak to the survivor of the ghoul attack but the owner of the sanitarium was to busy to be bothered with them. After much deliberation they were finally let in and were about to meet with the patient when Telben got concerned about the caretakers twitchy disposition and thought it would be prudent to pull out his weapons. Of course the owner and caretaker Erin Habe would have none of that and the party was escorted out. Reshoy refused to leave at first but eventually Cornu convinced him to leave. the group returned to town and after speaking to the sheriff got a letter of introduction that included a warning to Habe if he did not assist with the interrogation.
When the party returned to the sanitarium with the letter Habe reluctantly let Grael and Cornu in so long as they did not bring any weapons. The patient looked sick and green. he was incoherent until he saw Grael at which point he said " The master said that the bodies you are finding are signs and portents, that when he is done, you shall be remembered forever and the Misgivings shall be your throne!" he then broke through his strait jacket and attacked. Locals know the Misgivings as the name for the old Foxglove estate. Habe was very apologetic and explained the attack was unexpected. He allowed the guest to look at the room the patient was in and as they were inspecting it the orderlies yelled that the rest of the group had broken in.
Evidently the group outside heard the battle when the patient broke free and even thought those inside yelled all clear they took it upon themselves to break in any way. some blows were exchanged fortunately that were non lethal and the party was run off and told not to return. they feel something is not right at the sanitarium but with the person they need to interrogate dead they with leave dealings with it to the sheriff.
On the way back to town the group ran into a farmer running and screaming about walking scarecrows. Seems like the southern farms have been plagued by undead taking the shape of scarecrows. the group investigated and found ghouls gagged and bound to posts only to break free and attack when the group got near. after killing a few ghouls and investigating the farm house they found a half dozen ghouls hiding in the barn and a ghast in the house. The mighty party made quick work of the undead and found 3400 silver peaces and a key with the Foxglove coat of arms on it.
The group went about making sure all the scarecrows were dead but in the process accidentally killed a farmers wife. Evidently the ghouls would tie up people after they are bitten and leave them looking like scarecrows until the ghoul fever takes them. The victims husband was found alive and after getting healed was distraught about the death of his wife. When he tearfully questioned Telben about it Telben’s response was cold " it happens" this left everyone within earshot with their mouths agape. After explaining in the underdark death is inevitable and every day your life can end the party understands, vaguely, how Telben can say such a thing. The group decides that perhaps Telben should move on and get more accustom to the surface world and he is not a good representative of the group as a whole. He has requested to be taken on and as a bowmaker until such a time as a new opening to the underdark is found or he shows himself changed enough to rejoin the group.



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