Lightbringer Lands

Battle winding down and the truth of the raid

Farther down the road the party hears a man yell out and sees a dog sliced down by a goblin riding a mangy looking dog. The party also slays this group with Kayomi killing the rider just before Ravana slices his mount in half. The man, Aldern Foxglove, thanks them and tells the party to meet him at the Rusty Dragon Inn, where he will be staying for a few days, for a reward. As the last of the bands of goblins are slain or run out of town, Ameiko thanks the adventurers and offers them rooms for a week at the Rusty Dragon.
At the end of the day, the adventures, minus Kayomi who returns home, make their way to the Rusty Dragon Inn and join Aldern at a table. He buys a round of drinks and offers up to the party to join him on a wild boar hunt. He mentions that he would buy the horses and give the party the meat as reward because all he wants is the head as a trophy. Due to a lack of a for sure answer, he instead gives each member a monetary reward. During the following small talk and general chatting, Lonjiku Kaijitsu barges into the Inn yelling at the adventurers for being the cause of the invasion and yelling for his daughter Ameiko, insulting her and stating “ You are as dead to me as your mother” before leaving promptly. Ameiko clears the air and returns to the kitchen. The party then proceeds to order food and drink while asking Bethana Corwin, the barmaid and general helper for the Inn, about Lonjiku. She states that Mr Kaijitsu is sullen man that is upset that Ameiko went adventuring and then opened the Inn instead of going into the family glass business.
Ravana makes his way through the tavern to introduce himself and make small talk, while Tahani finds a room upstairs, and Zoobie goes to talk to Ameiko in the kitchen in search of apples and their cores. Ravana is introduced to Chod Bevuk, the local butcher, who tells him to stay vigilant and be wary for “the Chopper” who may make a return. Chod then tells the story of The Chopper and the Late Unpleasantness.

Jervas Stoot was a local eccentric that came into town and was known to be a bit quirky as well. He went to build a house on an island north of town to be with the birds. While the house was being built he would carve intricate birds on the sides of buildings and fences among other structures. As the time went on and he carved less and less, after he moved to the island, it became a great sense of pride to have the carvings. About 5 years ago, in a month people were being killed almost nightly. Corpses were found with their throats slashed, limbs cut off and piled next to the bodies, and with their eyes and tongues missing. The Chopper killed 25 people before the local sheriff found him and was also murdered. Belor, a guardsman at the time, tracked the killer’s blood trail back to the island and found Jervas, in the basement at the foot of an alter to demon god Lamashtu, dead and with his eyes and tongue cut out. In the crude temple to the demon, Belor found the missing tongues and eyes of all the victims used as offerings. Many townsfolk don’t think that Jervas killed himself and that the true killer is still out and loose. A month after the killings, a fire took to the town and burned down the chapel as well.

Ravana then introduces himself to Ven Vinder, the general store owner, and Alma Avertin, who is a baker at Sandpoint Savouries and is the mother of the sheriff that was killed by the Chopper. Ravana makes his way farther down the bar and meets Guila Pierini (Priestess of Gozreh, the goddess of nature, storms and the sky) and Celia Mavani (Priestess of Shelyn, the goddess of art, beauty, love and music) who proceed to flirt with him and ask him about his taste in music and art.
On the other side of the tavern, he is introduced to Gaia Acari, a young messenger, that offers her services of delivery to him and tells him that Kayomi, who Aldren seems interested in, is working for and staying at Das Korvut’s smithy. Ravana is also briefly introduced to Larz Rovanky who is the owner and workaholic of the Rovanky Tannery.
In the morning as the party eats breakfast, Father Zanthus and Sheriff Belor walk in and ask the party to look into something at the local cemetery. Zanthus, while on his morning rounds, noticed that the door to the tomb holding the late Ezakien Tobyn, who died in the chapel fire, was open and looked broken into. After breakfast, the party investigated and found that 6 goblins and a medium sized humanoid in boots had made their way into the tomb and had likely hopped the wall. As Ravana opened the tomb, he was attacked by 2 skeletons. Tahani’s badger attacked them but was severly wounded and Zoobie healed the badger then attempted to hex the skeletons. Ravana, to slay the skeletons before they had a chance to harm his friends, cast Burning hands to slay one and slashed the other in half. As the party investigated the tomb, they found that there was a Robe of Bones on the floor that was the cause of the skeletons, and that the body of Tobyn was missing.

The Story begins

Sandpoint,a town on the Varisian coast, is celebrating the Swallowtail Festival. This festival is to commemorate the building of a new chapel after a time known to the town as the Late Unpleasantness. In the Late Unpleasantness, a serial killer ran rampant in the town killing 25 people in a one month span and the chapel of the town was burned down a month later.
At the festival there are many games in the streets, the smells of fresh sweets and smoked meats, and the sounds of music and townsfolk enjoying themselves after a long summer. Gorvi, the local Half-orc trash collector and junkyard owner, is running an wheelbarrow race through the streets with the winners getting an item and 3 tries at his other game, a goblin fishing game for a chance to get rare magical items. Vorvashali Voon, the local curio shop owner, runs an obstacle course with the help of Das Korvut, the local blacksmith, as well as target practice game with the targets getting smaller with each successful hit. Chask Haladin, a local bookseller, offers riddles to answer for a chance at magical items.
Kayomi (Clair’s human monk) is a local blacksmith that has been working and staying with Das Korvut, beat the obstacle course on the second try and won a Cloak of Resistance.
Kayomi, Tahani (Emily’s gnome druid), and Ravana (Tyler’s Ifrit bloodrager) all attempted to solve the riddles but were all stumped at certain ones. Zoobie (Shai’s vanara witch), beat the riddles and won a Pearl of Power.
Ravana attempts to best the target shooting but only barely does well enough to get a prize of 20 arrows.
Ravana and Zoobie, who are longtime friends and travelling companions, not only do well in the wheelbarrow race but put up the best annual time for the whole festival. For their performance, they are awarded a wand of Cure Light Wounds and each are given 3 chances at the goblin fishing game.* Zoobie* does not do well at the fishing game and wins no prizes. Ravana snags an Alchemist’s Fire at his attempts.
At noon, in the middle of the square in front of the newly built cathedral, Kendra Deverin, the mayor of Sandpoint, gives a speech remembering the reason for the festival and thanking the citizens for coming out to join in the festivities. Belor Hemlock, the sheriff, reminds the town to behave themselves and have fun. Cydrak Drokkus, the local theater owner, tells a story and lets the town know about a new play that is coming soon called the Harpy’s Curse. Father Abstalar Zanthus, the high priest of Desna, gives a pray for the festival and releases thousands of swallowtail butterflies as an offer to Desna. Lunch is provided with many delectable meals and desserts fill the tables, but a curried salmon dish, made by Ameiko Kaijitsu the owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn, sets itself apart from the rest.
At dusk, more speeches are made and as Zanthus makes his way to the stages, a loud crack of thunder echoes through the town and goblins invade and attack. Townsfolk fight or run from the goblins. In the square, the goblins run for the food and begin to gorge themselves. While Zoobie fights her own battle near a table, Kayomi, Tahani, and Ravana fight even more goblins. They fight with small short swords (called dog slicers), fish, apples and whatever else is laying around. Ravana saves a local woman, Katrine Vinder, from a group of goblins as Kayomi and Tahani finish off the last of the group in the square. A loud explosion is heard near the barrels holding the alcohol for the festival. Kayomi and Ravana run over and dispatch a small band of goblins with a warsinger leading the group.


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