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Chapter1 Part 1 Festival and Fire
Swallowtail Festival September 22 ,4707

Four strangers Cornu, Orn Sacredfist, Gedrik Earthson, and Tawodi of the Hawk Clan bond after a day of games and goblin slaying.

The day starts off with a run through the Gauntlet where Gedrik splashes into the mud at the first obstacle in a spectacular manor with Tawodi doing the same but not is such a grand scale. Cornu and Orn make the mudpit and wall obstacles look easy but unfortunately they are not so good at swimming and can’t surpass the pond. all four win the participation prize of a 20% off one item coupon for Savah’s Armory.

Next was a Harker’s Trick Shot where Tawodi only hit one target but Gedrik managed to hit Three and won a cure light wounds potion. One of his shots was so spectacular he caught the attention of beautiful Katrine Vinder but unfortunately his last shot hung up in his crossbow and landed terribly close to her feet leaving her raising an eyebrow in his direction.

Two teams faced off on the Red Barrow Run. Team Cornu and Orn beat the standing record of 10 rounds, but wait, there was a tie! team Gedrik and Tawodi finished the race with the same time. Gedrik suggested the teams flip to decide the winner and flip they did everyone performed magnificent acrobatics but ultimately team Tawodi- Gedrik won. Cornu and Orn did not go home empty handed though for beating the 10 round record they received a wand of cure light wounds and a potion of fly.

Gedrick and Tawodi moved on to the fishing challenge and after some trial and error fished up a couple of tanglefoot bags, a potion of cure light wounds and a wand of Mage Armor to go with the masterwork buckler Gedrik talked Gorvi out of after floundering on fishing.

They moved on to Riddles and Rhymes and no one had any luck until they decided to work as a team. As a team they one the snowball spell for Cornu and a pearl of power for Gedrik.

The group got to know each other while enjoying the free meals and chatting with some of the locals. Tawodi gave particular attention to getting to know the Clerics of Desna, Father Abstalar Zantus and Koya Mvashti

The festival was going along splendidly until the final dedication. When Father Abstalar uses a thunderstone to get the crowd’s attention and an army of goblins respond instead. A Dog yelps as a goblin slashes its throat and our four heroes do their best to try and help the villagers. Cornu approaches the nearest goblin only to be fish slapped by a flying flounder and Tawodi chases down a goblin that was harassing some citizens and manages to protect Bethana Corwin and Niska Mvashti. Orn steps up and misses a couple of swings on the nearest enemy but when he finally connected with his one two punch great green gobs of greasy grimy goblin guts were all over the place. Gedrik steps in and drops acid helping Cornu confront the fish frenzy and ultimately the initial assault was finished.

The town has random disorganized goblins running around causing more damage to themselves than anyone else; throwing torches that hit or trip goblins instead of people, scaring horses causing them to trample other goblins, and hoarding food instead of protecting themselves from the townsfolk. All the while, the goblin warchanters are screaming or perhaps singing? like a herd of cats taking a bath.

The fantastic four decide to seek out the caterwauling creatures, those singing sinners those terrible and tone-deaf goblin warchanters, but as soon as they got organized and ready to head out an explosion rocks the area. A warchanter and three lackeys have blown up a wagon of fuel that was to be used for the bonfire, injuring more goblins than people. The warchanter tries to get Tawodi with his hideous laughter but Tawodi responds with not even a chuckle. Gedrik knocks down the tenor with a tremor and the singer’s attempt to stand was seriously subdued with the swiftly slicing sword of Cornu. Orn’s legs are fast and his Kung Fu is strong as he easily races up and deals with a goblin. Tawodi rescues yet another local, Brodert Quink, and the party finishes off the remaining goblins.

Tawodi conjures water to help with the fire and the town is starting to quite down when the group hears a scream and a dog yelp. They move toward the sound and manage to sneak up on another group of goblins. A goblin dog and rider just finished dispatching a nobleman’s hunting dog. Tawodi makes a “suggestion” that the rider come toward him while Cornu and Orn move to intercept. Gedrik moves into position and manages to take out two out of three of the goblin observers when he makes them taste the rainbow. By this point dispatching goblins is getting quite easy and our heroes finish them off with little problem. Aldern Foxglove, a nobleman from out of town thanks you profusely particularly Gedrik for his rainbow bright attack. Aldern says he is heading back to the Rusty Dragon and would like to reward the group for their aid next time they make their way to the inn.

The group interrogates a goblin and discoveres that none of the captured goblins can even remember their leader’s name, apart from the fact that he was one of “you longshanks.” Their leader was on a secret mission to the town’s graveyard—that much most goblins can say, but none of them know what that mission was. The group spits up with half going to the temple and half going to Sheriff Hemlock. While walking toward their destinations the towns folk cheer them on. It seems our intrepid adventures are building a reputation for themselves.

The adventures meet back up at the temple and find the prints of 6 goblins and a medium humanoid that appear to have climbed the wall and entered the vault…. What will our Heroes find? Who leads the goblins? will Aldern truly reward the party? Will Cornu ever get rid of the fish smell? Stay tuned and see!

Chapter 1 Part 2 Local Heroes

While our adventurers were heading to investigate the crypt vault Tawodi received an urgent call to return to his clan. When the rest of the party arrived they found the tracks of at least six goblins and one medium humanoid that appear to have climbed the wall near the tombs. The outer doors were obviously pried open and when they opened the inner doors they found a pair of skeletons waiting. After dispatching the bony guardsmen and a little investigation the group found the remains of a robe of bones used to summon the skeletons. What they did not find was the remains of Ezakien Tobyn, the previous head priest that was lost in the fire during the late unpleasantness. It appears the goblin raid was a ruse so that someone could come and steal Ezakien’s bones. The sheriff is concerned and asks the party to remain quite about the findings. No need to upset the town especially with so little information.

The troupe heading back to the Rusty Dragon to relax after the exciting day. They met up with Aldern Foxglove and received their rewards for his rescue. The Dashing Magnimarin noble got to know the group a little better and seems to have a particular fascination with Grael. A lovely young traveler by the name of Staly joined in the fun and the whole group went on a boar hunt paid for by the generous Foxglove.

The hunt was challenging with Staly’s and Cornu’s little piggies getting away. Grael and Orn had better luck bringing down their oinker despite Orn steering the horse everyway but forward. The group enjoyed their swine soiree even though the pork was a little over spiced and almost acidic. Aldern seems to be more and more fascinated with Grael’s abilities and prowess, first at goblin killing then taking down the boar, there seems to be nothing Grael can’t excel at, at least to Mr. Foxglove.

The next day Sheriff Hemlock comes and gathers the adventurers for a meeting with the mayor, Kendra Deverin and the unofficial town guard, ranger, hunter, Shalelu Andosana. Shalelu informs everyone present about the area goblins and how they seem to be under the guidance of someone powerful enough to have the five tribes working together. She shares information about the different tribes and their leaders and indicates she is going to do some more scouting. The Sheriff asks the group to stay in town and keep the peace while he takes some troops to Magnimar to get some reinforcements. Shalelu says her friends Nadierra and Reshoy will come to provide further support to the town in a day or two.

It didn’t take long for the group to be needed. The next evening Mrs. Barett finds the party with her kids in tow. Her son’s arm looks like a goblin’s chew toy and she shares how a goblin crept out of the closet and attacked him. Evidently the boy had complained about the goblin in his closet the last few nights but when the closet was searched nothing was found. Tonight though the evil creature managed to kill their dog and attack the boy before the boy’s father could come in and chase the creature back into his hiding place.

When the heroes arrived at the house they found Mr. Barett with his head and shoulders in a hole in the closet floor. When they pulled him out they found a horrific scene. His face and arms had been chewed off but before they could even have time for their stomachs to turn the evil goblin jumped out and tried to escape. The monster was dispatched quickly but with all the trauma and the loss of her husband Mrs. Barett and the kids could not return to the house again. They went to live with her sister in Magrimar.

Town never seems to rest. The morning after dealing with the trapped goblin the party is approached by Bethana Corwin, she explains that the Rusty Dragon’s ownerAmeiko is missing and that when she went to check Ameiko’s room found a note from Ameiko’s brother Tsuto written in a foreign language. Fortunately Bethana can translate and the note is an incriminating letter asking Ameiko to meet him at the glass works. Bethana further explains the history between members the Kaijitsu family and with that information the party heads out to the glassworks.

They find the factory locked with curtains drawn. Staly climbs onto the roof and after looking though a skylight finds evidence of a bloody battle so the party decides to pick the lock and make their way in. They are quick to hear noises that can only be goblins so they get into position outside the doors where the goblins are heard and prepare to attack. When the doors are thrown open the party finds a gruesome scene. The bodies of the eight murdered staff lie in various stages of dismemberment; the goblins have been burning legs and arms in the furnace with glee, and pouring melted glass on the remains in an attempt to duplicate Tsuto’s masterpiece. This would be his father’s body, propped up in a chair in the central alcove and encased in thick, runny sheets of hardened glass. Grael opens up with a cloud attack hitting 3 of the goblins the rest of the party sweeps in and make short work of the enemy. Three of the ten goblins in the room flee once they see the carnage the party is dishing out. The adventurers pursue and chase the goblins down a flight of stairs into a storage area.

Tsuto Finally shows himself as he tries to get into a flanking position with the remaining goblins. Orn blocks his way and commences his attack after Tsuto reveals himself with an arrow shot at Cornu. Cornu and Staly swiftly relieve the goblins of their life force while Orn presses his attack on Tsuto. Grael with his little legs finally catches up and sends a tremor knocking Tsuto down. Tsuto is quick to his feet again and is hard to hit. Cornu goes around to flank with Staly bringing up the rear. Again Tsuto goes down with Grael’s tremor buts pops back up again. The villain locks himself in his room and the group assaults the door with sword and acid.

Staly Checks rooms as she passes and finds a locked door that was hiding Ameiko. The men break in and finish off Tsuto and Staly works to free the wounded and unconscious Amekio. Amekio is alive and the villain is dead. It is a good day!

What was Tsuto’s plan? What happened to Father Ezakien Tobyn’s body? Why was Ameiko captured? Why the Glassworks for a hide out?

Chapter 1 Part 3 Glassworks and below

In the glassworks, the goblins were torn apart fairly quickly. Most of the party had taken a considerable amount of damage, barely staving off unconsciousness. Only Grael’s ability to continue to trip the boss allowed the party to succeed. Once the fight was over, the group took to securing the area, and going through what was left behind.

Among the mess, they find a shortbow (which Staly quickly adds to her arsenal), a magic ring of protection, and a number of tools and other valuable supplies including about a dozen pouches full of precious metal that was used in the glass making process. After splitting the loot among the party members present, they begin to talk about what to do next.

A door remains unchecked as the party loots the room. Staly checks the door, finds it unlocked, and opens it. There is a long tunnel leaving the room that twists on for some time that is headed toward Sandpoint.

When Ameiko Kaijitsu finally gains consciousness after having been tied up and abused by the goblins, she reveals that her brother had plans for Sandpoints future and told her that she wouldn’t want to be in town when that came to pass. He said they were based in Thistletop. When she refuses to join him, he allows the goblins to attack her. As a way of showing her gratitude for their help, she offers the party free room and board at the Rusty Dragon for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, Reshoy Fin the barbarian and Nadierra the druid have been sent by Shalelu Andosana to track the party through the glassworks, taking note of the carnage left behind. The druid attempts to aid any creatures left for dead while the barbarian checks the dead goblins for equipment. Along their path, they find Ameiko’s father, killed by being encased in molten glass.

Nadierra and Reshoy meet up with the party right as they are finished speaking with Ameiko.
With a healer finally available to them in the form of the druid, the party is able to wake Ameiko’s brother from unconsciousness and, after a short exchange of expletives, the party questions him.

It becomes clear pretty quickly that any conversation with him isn’t going to go anywhere after several attempts to get him to reveal information fail. Finally upset by the whole ordeal, Ameiko retrieves her dagger and returns to kill him herself by stabbing him in the throat.

The interrogation did not provide any information but Tsuto’s journal did. The Goblin raid was indeed a distraction so Tobyn’s remains were stolen and a much larger raid is being planned for Sandpoint. Ripnugget, the leader of the Thistletop tribe and Bruthazmus the bugbear are involved in the plans to attack Sandpoint while Tsuto wanted to have the quasit “send her freaks up from below” via the smuggling tunnels the party found.

Tsuto appears to be in love with Nualia, an assimar that was thought to be lost in the church fire. Nualia is said to want to remove her “celestial taint” and has had some success in turning herself demonic by burning her adoptive father’s, Tobyn’s, remains at the Thistle top shrine. Illustrations in the journal show Nualia as a beautiful woman and toward the back of the journal she has demonic parts illustrated. Tsuto has not had much luck getting Nualia’s support with the goblin attacks. She has been distracted with the lower chambers at Thistletop and she “says that once Malfeshnekor is released” and under her command Tsuto won’t need to worry about the Sandpoint attacks.

Sensing the grief that Ameiko is going through, Grael reluctantly offers to give her the gold and silver dust back as a way to give her something of her father. In exchange for the party’s generosity, Ameiko offers the party 400 gold pieces for the bags of metal dust before returning to town to spread the news of what occurred in the glassworks.

With the business with Ameiko concluded for now, the party decides to explore the smuggling tunnel they found. The tunnel twists and turn, passing a lair where it is obvious the goblins had been living, branches collapsed to the sides directing their path down the only avenue left to them.

The tunnel is dark and the party elects to go without a light source to not give away their presence to any enemies they might find. Nadierra, as the only member of the group without the ability to see in the blackness, feels along the wall as she walked forward while led by Staly.

As they venture forward, Reshoy is attacked by something in the dark with a polearm.
Most of the party starts forward to attack, with Nadierra and the panther holding back, blinded by the lack of light. Reshoy leads off with an attack with his heavy flail, and the party makes short work of what is determined to be a Wrathspawn.

As the party continues on, they investigate various passages and rooms without incident. Eventually they come upon a statue of a beautiful woman holding a book and an ornate ranseur. While the rest is just a statue, the ranseur itself is real. Reshoy decides to take it with him in case he needs a polearm.

In the next room over, the party happens across an old alter in a circular chamber with double doors leading out across the room. Beyond the doors, a cathedral room is decorated with runes and skulls. An ominous voice calls out to the party from a pool of red boiling water across the cathedral chamber, beckoning them to enter. As the party steps forward, the battle begins.

Who is Malfeshnekor? How can Sandpoint be saved from the goblin attacks? Where has Nualia been hiding? What is going on at Thistletop?

Chapter 1 Part 4 Catacombs of Wrath

A quasit Screams what can only be obscenities at the party as they walk into a large cathedral like room. It cuts its Arm, dripping blood into the pool of lava like water it is flying over as Nadierra casts Faerie Fire on it. A few seconds later the pools spits forth What the party has determined to be a wrathspawn. The quasit trys to hold then command party members with her spells while the rest of the party takes down the strange creature from the pool, the panther attempts to leap up and snatches the quasit from the air, dragging it to the ground.

Cornu casts magic missile at the pinned quasit, and Staly moves up quickly to stab it with the cold iron dagger. As the rest of the party moves up to attack the quasit, Grael attempts to help the grapple by hanging on to the quasit which just results in him being flailed around ineffectively. In a short amount of time, the quasit goes limp with its shredded silk gown, and Reshoy decides to coup de grace the unmoving monster.

The quasit had a tiny tiara (50g) and a tiny cold Iron dagger (which is magic), as well as a very tiny holy symbol. The ranseur from last session remains 400g

After the threat of the quasit is over, Grael suggests we use the quasit’s dead body to put blood into the pool to drain it of its magic power. Cornu cuts himself over the pool and summons another of the strange creatures. As it manifests, Reshoy is in position to immediately attack. The creature spills it’s blood in the pool as it dies summoning another creature and the process repeats until the pool loses it’s glow

After the pool’s power appears to be depleted, the group continues on through the dungeon, back to the point where the statue stands. Staly checks the remaining door for traps, and then they decide to open it and see what lies beyond.

A prison lies beyond, with empty cells lining the walls below a rickety wooden platform that overlooks them. As Reshoy walks in, two of the sin spawn similar to before attack him. The party quickly destroys them and then checks the room, finding nothing. As they move forward, they find a torture room with two doors leading out. The southern door leads to a side room with a table, several chairs, and lots of paper on the table written in a strange language. As the party checks the papers, Cornu takes interest in the strange language, and Nadierra notices a magic scroll amongst the mess of papers. On the south wall of the room are three doors with strange symbols on it. The party elects to leave the doors for now.

After they decide to move on, the second door leads down a hallway to what appears to a large room with a vaulted 20ft ceiling. On the floor sit a bunch of pallets in the room. In the middle of the room stands a man sized three armed goblin. Staly lets an arrow fly, but it misses horribly. The goblin takes the opportunity of the missed attack to attempt to run and hide, but Reshoy covers the distance too quickly and makes it regret its existence. The goblin had a magic sword, a silver dagger, and a MW handaxe.
The wooden pallets cover pits each filled with a pair of zombies, with eight pits in total. While the party is discussing the weapons they found, Nadierra uncovers the pits and dispatches the zombies.

As the party continues down the hallway to the south, there is a staircase that used to lead down that is now collapsed and ahead is a spherical room. The walls of the room are a strange red metal that ripple with electrical power that form words in a strange language. Several objects in the center of the room float around; a book, a scroll, a twisted iron wand, and a dead raven surrounded by a cloud of maggots. Grael enters the room and attempts to throw the floating objects out the door to the party.
The party heads back to the three doors that they left before and opens them, finding several misshapen skeletons. Presumably, these were part of some experiment.

Finally the party goes up the stairwell by the statue that they left earlier. At the top of the stairs, there is a door. Behind the door is a fountain with a pool of water surrounded by skulls with a pool in the middle that occasionally ripples. On the north and south walls are torches, and across the pedestal from the party floats a disembodied head with tentacles writhing from it with bat-like wings. It screeches, and a horrible sound emanates from its mouth. As Reshoy moves forward to attack it, another appears from above the fountain and attacks him. Staly enters the room to attack the newly appeared creature with her dagger just before a spear from Nadierra flies through the room, slamming into the furthest creature. Next, Cornu enters the fight as well. In only a couple rounds, both of the creatures are bleeding on the floor. As Nadierra collects her thrown spears, the party gathers to continue forward. The stairwell ahead leads upward, and as the party climbs, they find it collapsed. With this, they agree to head back to rest, and ideas of potentially turning this into a base of operations are passed around the party.

Who is Malfeshnekor? How can Sandpoint be saved from the goblin attacks? Where has Nualia been hiding? What is going on at Thistletop? What is the strange language? What is the significance of the seven pointed star?

For the answers to the last two questions the party seeks out the local scholar Brodert Quink

Approaching Thistletop

After speaking with Broderk and gathering supplies in the party continues on to Thistletop.
A curiously round island about 60 ft off the shore is connected to the mainland by a rope bridge. In certain lighting, the island looks sort of like a head; an ancient statue from a forgotten empire from days long past.

Thistle and thorn briars wrap all over the area by the cliff face. Nadierra scouts forward and finds several goblin tunnels through the briars. She finds a camp of goblins, as well as half a dozen goblin dogs that are chained down. She goes back to retrieve the party and guides them safely through the brush toward the goblin camp.

Reshoy moves up near the camp to eavesdrop, and learns that the goblins are fearful of their leader. Apparently he has been throwing them down a cave to execute them when they displease him. The goblins hear Reshoy’s movement and attack. Grael removes a chunck of earth under the entrance to the goblin camp as the goblins run through the tunnel entrance.

Nadierra disappears into the brush, only to turn up again a moment later, launching an attack at the goblins up against the brush with her spear. As she does so, the panther launches itself into the fray, killing goblin after goblin, unaffected by the low ceiling of the bramble tunnel. Cornu follows the panther into the camp and starts hacking away at goblins.
After a short battle, with the goblins confused as attacks come in from all directions, they give up fighting in the face of certain death.

Nadierra convinces the party to allow the goblins to leave peacefully, and Reshoy gives them instructions (as he is the only able to communicate with the goblins). As the party is attempting to clear up the mess, Nadierra spots something out of the corner of her eye and the party goes on full alert as the undergrowth comes alive and begins to attack the party.
Howling and barking is heard as the goblin dogs charge at the party through the goblin tunnel, and Nadierra readies herself to cast a spell. Reshoy moves up to attack the onslaught of dogs rushing toward them. Cornu moves to the southern path that had been cut in the brush and discovers another hunting cat attacking the fleeing goblins. As he gets there, more goblin dogs come forward at him. Staly moves up to support him and stabs the dog.

As Nadierra’s spell takes effect, she charges into the brush with greater strength, slamming into the hidden goblin druid and forcing him back in an attempt to push him off the cliff. The attempt falls just short, and the goblin druid swings at her with a blade made of flame.
Realizing his position, the druid runs. As Nadierra gives chase, she casts a gust of wind that knocks the goblin druid from his feet right as Staly appears from around the corner to try to attack the druid. Staly is momentarily halted as the prone goblin turns into a tree right before her eyes. As she stands there, Nadierra rushes forward and slams the head of her spear into the bark of the tree, so Staly attacks the tree with her dagger. The druid then transforms back into his goblin form and flees. Nadierra takes a stab at the goblin while Staly is left confused by the quick series of events.

As Nadierra attempts to give chase to the druid, she gets ambushed by the goblin druid’s cat companion and tripped to the ground with a cry of pain. Hearing the cry of pain, Pishyakan comes running.

Staly and Cornu finish off the last goblin dog in the area, and Grael and Reshoy keep trying to remove themselves from the area of entanglement. As the party frees itself, the goblin druid’s cat companion flees, leaving the party to collect themselves and regroup.

Assault on Thistletop

As the party regroups, they decide to press the attack. As they make their way through the brambles, the rope bridge looms ahead. Goblins taunt the party from the other side of the bridge as the party attempts to rush across the bridge. Just as they get on to the bridge, one side breaks free leaving the horizontal boards dangling vertically. Nadierra and Pishyakan manage to jump back to the cliff, Reshoy grabs the rope before falling, but Staly is unable to get a hold on the rope and plummets into the surf below.
Halted by the now lack of usable bridge, the party agrees to gather their rogue and attempt to regroup. Staly, now eighty feet below the party, swims over the the cliff face and tries to climb as she ignores her wounds. As the party is being pelted with goblin arrows Reshoy lowers down his rope and pulls Staly up, and then makes his way across the broken rope bridge dropping most of it on the parties side of the bridge. The party then takes their share of the bridge and destroys it so that the goblins are unable to rebuild the bridge.
As the party disposes of the bridge down the cave hole, a loud roar erupts nearly scaring the party half to death. Everyone agrees to camp out and keep a watch on the island to see if any goblins attempt to escape the island.
As the party waits for a couple of days, a row boat is spotted heading from the back side of the island and heading down the coast. Nadierra heads off down the coast and ambushes the goblins when they make landfall, and steals their row boat. The party then loads up on the row boat and heads to the island under the cover of night. As they make their way around the island, a small opening sixty feet up is spotted on the wall, overgrown and covered with vines and moss. Reshoy begins to climb the wall to make his way up to the opening.
As Reshoy makes it to the top, he spots a spherical gray creature with tentacles that looks vaguely squid-like. The rest of the party waits below in the boat as Reshoy attacks the squidling.

As the party makes their way to the cave, they search the cavern as Nadierra skins the squid creature and takes its poison gland. Staly and Reshoy find several doors out of the cavern to the east and a storage room to the south.
Searching through the doors, the party finds their way to a moderate sized room with six doors and a stairway leading upward. Looking through the doors, Reshoy and Staly stumble upon a bugbear and a group of goblins sleeping behind one of the doors. Shouting can be heard as the party gets in position to defend themselves.
The bugbear proves to be quite the challenge, but the party manages to take him down.
4 Arrows of Elvenbane 1
Studded Leather, Heavy Flail, MW Longbow Mighty (

The party collects things and moves forward, exploring room by room as they press forward in the dungeon.

Assault on Thistletop, episode 2

After speaking with Orik for a bit, the party decides to search the remaining bedrooms for more information before pressing on. Staly slips the lock open to Suto’s room. They find little of value, but they do see papers indicating his plans for the glassworks and exploring the catacombs of wrath.

In the next room, it is found to be Nualia’s room. We find more information about her motives and backstory, including her misshapen miscarriage, and an obsession to Lamashtu.

The third door has a light emanating from underneath it. Inside, the party finds a very neat room, with a torch burning on the wall. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be an ever burning torch.

Moving on, the party finds a room full of cells with a small gnome in one of the cells. They are able to free him, and he reveals his name to be Telbien. His gear is piled over in the corner.

As the party continues forward with their new companion, they head upstairs to deal with the goblin menace. As they clear the stairs, there is a large room with a packed dirt floor. In the middle of the room are several skeletons that look like horses. On the far wall are a pair of harpy wings pinned to the wall with daggers (one of which is very ornate, with a pearl in the pommel).

Staly quietly heads off to the left to check an opened door and finds a messy room where the goblins eat and play cards. Next to that door is sleeping quarters with a number of goblins sleeping in bunks. Staly and Nadierra quietly enter the room and cut the goblins’ throats. Moving further, the party approaches a door that apparently leads to the throne room, hearing a number of voices through the door.

After discussing amongst each other, the party decides to assault the throne room. They devise a plan and then charge in, with Staly and Telbien coming in the side door to flank.
As Reshoy opens the door, Nadierra lets a spear fly and glances Rip Nugget as he sits across the room. Grael drops a cloud of acid into the middle of the room, creating panic among the goblins, who up until this point had been performing a small theatrical production for their chief. As Orik and Pishyankan rush into the room, the goblin druid’s cat stops Pishyankan in her tracks.

Between Orik and Pishyakan, the druid’s cat doesn’t last long. Reshoy and Nadierra move in further and proceed to attack the group of goblins, with Rip Nugget blinded on the far side of the room from Grael’s cloud of acid. Just as the goblins think the mess is over, Grael launches another cloud of acid. While this one is less effective than the first, it does manage to put down several of the goblin commandos who have had no opportunity to even see what happened in this fight.

Finally unblinded from the acid, Rip Nugget leaps atop his large lizard mount, and heads for the nearest wall away from the onrushing heroes. As the main force from the entryway battle through goblins in an attempt to reach Rip Nugget, Staly and Telbien quietly slip through a side door that the goblins left unguarded and launch attacks of their own, with Staly delivering a devastating blow to the goblin druid from behind with her daggers and Telbien taking careful aim with his crossbow and hitting the unsuspecting druid square in the chest.

Just as our heroes thought they had the advantage, the war chanter in the back of the goblins (who up until now had been mostly removed from the fight) casts a spell that coats the main entry way in a slippery layer of grease, causing Orik and Nadierra to slip and fall. Grael carefully skirts the greasy area to press forward into the chaos.
The goblin druid, in an effort to get away from Staly and to contribute to the fight, moves forward toward Orik and Nadierra on the ground and unleashes a magical sneeze of flaming, sticky mucus. Unable to avoid the mess, Nadierra closes her eyes and braces herself on the floor as the viscous mixture is slung across her body. Orik doesn’t even manage to turn his head away in time and is hit full force in the face. With the druid now further forward, Reshoy doesn’t hesitate to slam his flail against the poor druid with enough force to bounce the head of the flail into one of the few goblin commandos who was fortunate enough to survive Grael’s acidic onslaught.

Meanwhile, as the party has been preoccupied with the goblin druid, Rip Nugget has ridden his mount up the wall and across the ceiling. Reshoy looks up just in time to avoid being hit with a devastating charge as Rip Nugget uses his momentum to swing his weapon down at Reshoy’s head. As Reshoy returns the favor to Rip Nugget with a swing of his mighty flail, it is becoming obvious to Rip Nugget that he is losing this fight, so he makes an attempt to flee out the side door that Staly had entered previously, albeit along the ceiling. As he is almost out of the room, Nadierra lets loose another blast of air, hoping to knock Rip Nugget from the ceiling, but fails.

With Rip Nugget finally out of the room, the chase is on. All of the other goblins lay dead or dying in the throne room. Half of the party is injured or on the ground. Reshoy charges out the side door after Rip Nugget with Pishyankan hot on his heels while the rest of the party collects themselves. Grael, having faired the best of the adventurers thus far, manages to get past the greased main entrance to attempt to head Rip Nugget off. Just a moment after Grael clears the doorway, Nadierra climbs to her feet and, not wanting to tread across the slippery floor, makes a standing leap across the ten feet and into the hallway. After seeing her perform this stunt, Orik attempts the same and slips on the grease, slamming his back on the wooden floor with a crash.

After rounding the corner to chase Rip Nugget, Pishyankan leaps into the air to grab the goblin with her claws. Rip Nugget is latched securely in his saddle, however, leaving the panther hanging in the air… until the weight of the goblin rider and the large cat proves too much for the poor lizard to bear and all three come crashing to the floor.
With not an instant to spare, Rip Nugget manages to guide his mount to its feet before Reshoy can close the distance to finish the job he started. With its feet under it, the lizard doesn’t wait to be directed away from certain death and runs up the stairs in the adjacent room to the watch tower.

As Reshoy, Pishyankan, and Nadierra clear the top of the stairs only a few seconds later, Rip Nugget is nowhere to be found. A moderate rain has rolled in while the party has been dealing with things inside and visibility isn’t very good. Even with the overcast night sky, it is plain to see two goblin commandos awaiting their arrival in the tower, however. As Reshoy dashes forward to make short work of the goblins, Nadierra and Pishyankan focus on locating Rip Nugget. As Pishyankan indicates that she picked up his scent, Nadierra leaps off the tower onto the roof in an attempt to follow the goblin war chief. As she lands on the slick wooden shingles, she rolls to her feet, catches the peak of the roof and uses it to direct her movement toward where she hopes she will find him.

Assault on Thistletop, episode 3

The rest of the party opts to follow Nadierra off of the roof in pursuit of Rip Nugget. As they get to the ground, the party remembers that Rip Nugget might try heading to the cave entrance, so they head back inside and down stairs to cut him off.

Not finding any signs of Rip Nugget in the cave, they decide to leave Reshoy Fin and Staly downstairs to watch for Rip Nugget while Nadierra, Telbien, Grael and Orik head upstairs to search the rest of the throne room and loot. After finding a couple magical items on the dead druid and little else of real value, Nadierra searches Rip Nugget’s room, finding a holy symbol to Lamashtu made of silver with garnets underneath his pillow and a large iron key tucked away under the arm chair. The sheets are made of silk (albeit stained beyond recovery) and the well-worn and battered headboard once depicted a scene of centaurs and woodland creatures. Nadierra quickly strips the bed and cuts up the silk sheets to weave into a rope. As Nadierra finishes and enters back into the throne room, she hears goblin riders coming in the front door. As she alerts Orik, Pishyankan, Grael and Telbien they take positions to ambush any incoming goblins. As the goblins charge through the doors, it becomes obvious that they are led by Rip Nugget. As the first passes the threshold into the room, Nadierra and Pishyankan attack the goblin and its dog. When the whole group makes it into the room, with Rip Nugget is leading them atop his riding lizard. Grael unleashes a blast of acid, catching almost all of the goblins and dogs, as well as Rip Nugget and his gecko. Next, Nadierra lights the goblin leader up with a purplish glow, ensuring that he won’t escape again. Orik moves forward to slash at the goblin rider who was missed by the acid as Grael begins casting again. A bright flash of colors slams into the goblins and disorients most of them, stunning Rip Nugget. Rip Nugget’s sword and shield slip from his hands and hit the floor right as a spear slams into his side from Nadierra. A split second later, a crossbow bolt pierces his chest as he drops to the floor. Cleaning up the rest of the goblins becomes a formality at this point. Nadierra hurries over to stabilize the dying gecko and manages to make it just in time. With everything wrapped up, the party decides that it is time to rest. They position themselves in the lower tower room, and as they rest Nadierra treats their wounds for the evening, including the rescued gecko.

The next morning, the party clears out the rest of the main level. The pen with the goblin dogs still has almost a dozen goblin dogs, with two dead goblins that have been rotting in the yard. Whining from a horse can be heard from a small barn in the pen that has been boarded up to keep the dogs out. Unable to calm the dogs, Nadierra is saddened by the conclusion that the only way that they will be able to safely continue and also keep the dogs from starving to death is to kill them. Reshoy takes the task upon himself while Nadierra occupies herself elsewhere to keep from having to witness the deed. Once the pen has been cleared, further inspection of the dead goblins reveals that they were trampled to death by a horse. The horse is very obviously scared, and under-fed judging by its ribs showing through its skin. It takes a moment, but Nadierra is able to calm the beast long enough to get close to pet it and feed the horse some of her rations. The horse preoccupied with eating rations, Nadierra is able to take a closer look at the mare. This once strong war horse has been beaten and starved, but could probably be nursed back to health. It is still wearing her tack, beautifully engraved including a small name-plate with the word Shadowmist on it, presumably the horse’s name. Nadierra slowly removes the tack, taking care with some of the injuries that Shadowmist has developed from the tack due to extended wear.

As Nadierra stays with the horse, Telbien, Reshoy and Staly explore a bit further, checking the door that leads out of the pen. First, a meeting room with a table and a few chairs where undoubtedly meetings were held with the goblins. Next, the stench of the latrine causes Telbien to recoil, but Reshoy presses forward into the room to search for anything valuable left behind. From outside the doorway, Staly thinks she spots what might be a secret door. With her direction, Reshoy is able to figure out how to open the door and behind it lies a large wood and metal chest. Nadierra, finally finished with Shadowmist, comes up and searches the chest and realizes that the iron key she found in Rip Nugget’s room should fit the chest. Not finding any traps, she tries the key and opens the chest. Only after opening the lid does she realize that she accidentally bypassed the trap. Within the chest, they find thousands of coins (copper, silver, gold, and platinum), as well as jewelry, armor, and other trinkets. After collecting their new found treasure, the party presses on. Just past the latrine, they find a stairwell heading back down into the dungeon. After a bit of discussion, they decide to descend down this stairwell rather than going back through the main hall.

As they reach the bottom of the stairs, they find a large room with a table in the center of the room surrounded by several chairs with two doors exiting the room along the east and west walls. Maps, plans, and papers are spread across the table and on the north wall of the room, a chalk board displays a map of Sandpoint with what is obviously invasion plans. This is where the assault on Sandpoint was planned. Further inspection of the plans reveals that another assault was going to take place within the coming weeks. As the party quietly searches the room, Nadierra hears someone breathing on the other side of the eastern door and whispers a warning to the rest of the party.

Orik steps up and says that he is pretty sure the person on the other side of that door is Lyrie, the woman he has been looking for. This area is where she did the majority of her study. Content to let Orik take the lead, the party quietly steps aside out of view and lets Orik do all the talking.

As Orik makes some small talk with Lyrie, he casually asks what her plans are after everything Nualia has planned goes down, hinting at life afterward. When bringing up the idea of returning to Sandpoint, not only does Lyrie not seem interested, but she seems to delight in the death that they have caused. Finally realizing that she is beyond help, Orik pleads with someone to help him, but there isn’t anything to be done. After closing the door, Orik, Grael, Nadierra, Reshoy, and Telbien quietly discuss their options and Orik finally concedes that he knows she must be dealt with, but is unable to do the deed himself. And so, Orik goes upstairs while the party sets an ambush for Lyrie. When the door was thrown open, death came to her so quickly that the look of surprise on her face with remain until it decays away. Searching the room, they find a number of arcane scrolls as well as a few wands, a magic cloak, and a few pieces of jewelry as well as a staircase on the opposite wall leading further down. In addition, the old tomes and papers she was working on were all written in Thessalonian and might prove very interesting to Cornu and Brodert Quink back in Sandpoint. Finally agreeing to dispose of her body by tossing her into the ocean and cleaning up so that Orik doesn’t have to witness the aftermath of the carnage, Reshoy closes the door and they move toward the last unexplored part of the level: the sanctuary.

As Nadierra throws open the double doors, the sanctuary looms ahead. To either side of the door are fountains of dark water. Pillars line either side of the room all the way across the room, behind which are flaming braziers leading to a raised dais with a black marble alter. A statue of a pregnant, albeit shapely, woman with a reptilian tail stands over the alter with a kukri in each of her taloned hands. Her left hands glows with a fiery orange light and her right glows with a sickly frosty blue light. Nadierra and Reshoy spot a flying dog-like creature to the right, floating about fifteen feet above the ground. Reshoy, with his flail drawn, drops the flail in order to draw his ranseur as he moves below the creature, pointing it out to the rest of the party as he prepares to stab the creature. With Reshoy’s direction, Telbien and Grael fire into the area where they believe the creature to be, both luckily striking the strange creature. Staly moves forward to strike the strange creature. The dog-like creature lets out an unearthly howl, causing Staly and Telbien to panic, as Telbien drops his crossbow to flee on his new gecko mount. Pishyankan leaps into the room, attempting to bring the creature to the ground, but is unable to drag it to the ground. As she falls to the ground, the dog creature snaps at her, and catches her in the shoulder, ripping her flesh away. Unseen to the party previously, a second creature howls, sending Reshoy fleeing in fear. With Pishyankan now exposed, Nadierra calls her back out of the room. Pishyankan narrowly dodges another snap from the creature’s jaws as she slips past one of the pillars. As Pishyankan clears the doorway, Nadierra slams the double doors closed and gets in a defensive position.

The Depths of Thistletop

Called by the sound of the yeth hounds, the party turns to see another yeth hound from down below. Having experienced the previous screams from the hounds, the party fairs much better this time. Telbien’s gecko, however, takes off at a full run. By the time he is able to remove himself from the saddle, he is at the top of the stairs.

From just beyond the doorway that the hound came through, Nualia appears and releases a burst of negative energy that washes over the party. Reshoy moves forward to slam his flail into the new yeth hound as Orik draws his blade. Nadierra bends over to scoop up Telbien’s dropped crossbow and heads up the stairs with Pishyankan. While Nadierra and Pishyankan are running to flank Nualia, Telbien decides to follow them while Grael and Reshoy finish off the yeth hound as Staly tumbles forward to take a stab at Nualia. Pressing the attack, Reshoy moves forward and slams Nualia in the chest with his flail as Orik moves forward and scores a massive hit to her mid-section.

As Nadierra passes off Telbien’s crossbow to him, her skin begins to darken; fur growing across her body. Her teeth elongate as claws grow from her hands. As her spine begins to twist, her equipment melds into her form and an identical replica of Pishyankan sprints forward toward the back stairwell.

Staly attempts to jump and spin behind the blinded Nualia, but she manages to block her progress. Grael casts another spell, tripping Nualia to the ground. Staly steps around to stand over Nualia and stabs her. In response, Nualia kicks the door shut from the ground, rolls over and then swings her flail at Staly, releasing an explosion of negative energy as it slams into her chest. As Staly staggers backward from the blow, a large black panther enters the room from behind in a flash, launching itself on top of Nualia. With her tangled up with the large cat on the ground, another panther comes in from the same door and engages with her. Reshoy and Orik manage to push the door open, sliding the mass of fur and claws with Nualia across the floor, nearly knocking Staly over. As the door opens, Grael launches a glowing mass of force at Nualia, but the energy is snuffed out and absorbed by her ring. Unsure how to safely engage, the majority of the party stands over the sprawling mess of large cat and evil priestess. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds until Nualia stops struggling and as the cats release her dead form, it is obvious that they have shredded her to an almost unrecognizable state. As the panthers back away, one of them slowly grows and twists, in an almost ghastly display of transmutation as the cat twists into the shape of Nadierra.

The party presses forward, down further into the Thistletop dungeon. At the base of the stairs, a door sits slightly ajar. As the party moves through the door, there is an elongated room that is slanted slightly to the west. On either side of the long sides of the room are a pair of alcoves with a total of four statues; one in each. Whatever caused the room to shift also knocked the statues off their pedestals, leaning them up against the wall. The statues themselves looked like the runelord that we saw before with a glaive and a spellbook in his hand. Ahead, there is a hallway with two more statues holding glaives. When the party starts to move through the hallway, Staly grabs Reshoy to stop him and points out a trap that she has spotted. Had someone stepped on the floor in front of the two statues, they would have been trapped while the statues chopped them to pieces.

At the end of the hallway, a door leads to both the right and the left with the left door open. The circular room beyond is lit with everburning torches and lined with a red stone counter with a strange collection of old bones, scrimshaw, skulls, books, etc. In the middle of the room are three chairs. On the far side of the room a fountain with fresh water bubbles with magical energy. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be enchanted with never ending clean water.

The door to the right leads to an “L” shaped room. Along the western wall is a carving of an immense stack of tiny gold coins. Nadierra spots two small holes in the pile of gold. Dropping a gold coin in each slot causes the wall to drop below the floor, revealing a hallway beyond. Telbien points out that it looks like the hallway has not been traversed in a very long time. The party decides to continue through the explored section before moving into the previously unexplored area. To the south of the “L” shaped room is a pair of double doors. Beyond is a long room with dark alcoves to either side. In the center of the room, a statue of the same grim faced robed man holding a glaive and a book. In each alcoves stands a sarcophagus. As the party searches the room Nadierra finds a secret door on the eastern wall, and they realize they have awoken something as a dark shadow nearly claws Staly from the darkness. Suddenly, the party finds themselves surrounded by dark shadowy figures. It doesn’t take long to find out that magic is the only way to harm them, as Reshoy is able to damage one of them with the new found magic flail, but Orik’s sword passes straight through them. Once Cornu is able to engage by casting spells through his sword they are able to dispatch them, but not without being injured along the way. After resting for a full day, they are patched up and attempt to redouble their efforts below.

Checking the secret door back in the room where they found the shadowy creatures, they find a hallway that leads off to an empty storage room on one side, and a set of staircases downward. Taking the stairs down, leads to a crumbling room whose walls are carved with elaborate scenes of treasures in far off lands. The floor of the room looks like it has been turned into a tidal pool, with a once ancient treasure laying ruined under the tidal pool. Across the small room, a giant golden helm lays on the floor. As the party sloshes through, large crab claws emerge from below the giant helm as a giant hermit crab lifts the helm that it is using as a shell. Nadierra transforms into a dolphin to lead the crab away while the party loots the treasure room. As Nadierra returns, she spots something that the party had missed; new growth showing upon the top of an old wooden shaft, which is very strange for a piece of rotted wood. Pulling it from the surf, she discovers what looks to be an ancient druidic spear.

Heading back up from the treasure room and to the east behind the carved golden wall, there is a hallway that leads in three directions: north, west, and south. Below the southern door, a light emanates from below. The handles to door are actually small slots that might require a key. Behind the door to the north, a ghostly figure of the runelord repeats a message over and over again that doesn’t make much sense.

To the east, it looks like the room that was used to experiment on creatures. Three small tables have pieces of bodies on them, and each of the tables has tools that were used to undertake their monstrous tasks. With no-where else to explore, the party looks to head south.

The room to the south is lit by a long flickering fire that smells of burning flesh and hair. To either side of the room in the corner are candles that don’t seem to melt, and in front of the candles are seven pointed stars on the floor surrounding an anvil on the western side of the room and an alter on the east side of the room. There is an open alcove across the room just off to the right.

As the party steps into the room, a huge demon appears as it slams the door shut, leaving Grael locked outside as it drops down on Telbien. Telbien fires his crossbow upward toward the falling demon as it begins to emit a faint purple glow from Nadierra’s spell. Falling to the floor under the demon’s onslaught, Telbien cries out in pain.

Already waiting the beast, Reshoy, Staly, Cornu, and Orik rush forward from various points in the room to attack the vile thing. With lightning reflexes, the demon swipes forward to rend Reshoy as he tries to complete his heroic charge. Just barely able to keep his footing, Reshoy’s momentum carries him in range of the demon as he pivots, swinging his flail wide and connecting solidly with the demon’s leathery flank, causing the demon to howl in pain. Not missing the temporary moment of distraction, Staly launches herself at the demon, daggers leading, and tears into its hide. At the same time, Pishyankan leaps up from the rear to claw at the beast. Surrounded on all sides, the strange creature locks eyes with Reshoy. A strange glow flashes in the creature’s eyes briefly before that same glow is echoed in Reshoy’s. As the creature continues to claw at the party, Reshoy turns toward Orik and shove him to the ground. With Reshoy now charmed, the creature is free to turn its attention elsewhere, and nearly kills Cornu instantly as his limp body hits the stone floor under the weight of the demon’s onslaught. Frantically, Nadierra rushes to Cornu’s aid as Telbien, who has now crawled his way free of the creature, lays down cover fire with his crossbow and scoring several solid hits as his bolts impale themselves into the ugly beast’s hide. With Telbien clear, Nadierra reads the text from a scrolls she had been saving for a while, conjuring forth a flaming sphere that propels toward the demon.

With Cornu on the floor, but conscious, and Reshoy and Orik wrestling with each other, the demon sets its sights on Nadierra, who is still hovering over Cornu. Without anything between her and the demon, it only takes a moment for the creature to rip through her armor with its razor-sharp claws. As Nadierra joins Cornu on the floor, Pishyankan lets out a loud roar and renews her effort to claw through the demon’s back side as Staly continues to try to stab it from the other side. Just when things really seem to be going downhill (Both Telbien and Cornu are injured, with Cornu on the floor, Nadierra is unconscious, and Reshoy and Orik are fighting each other), miraculously the creature finally succumbs to its wounds, with Telbien’s crossbow and Nadierra’s unattended flaming orb finally inflicting enough damage.

Now free of the creature’s influence, Reshoy is able to help the rest of the party pick themselves up, open the door to allow Grael to rejoin the party, and begin the long process of recuperation.


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