Tawodi of the Hawk Clan

Shoanti Cleric of Desna


Standing at an impressive 6’1’’, Tawodi towers over most people. His silver hair and golden, pupil-less eyes speaks to his celestial background. However, his long braided hair and the feathers that typically adorn his armor and outfit speaks of Shoanti tribal allegiances.

While he finds himself more open to experiencing the outside world than he was in his youth, he still finds certain decadence’s and extremes uncomfortable. He is not above simply showing his displeasure through a stare.

And a man with no pupils is very difficult to stare down.


Born to human parents and raised by elven members of his tribe, Tawodi is a conundrum. Following Desna was a calling early in life and it fit in well with his dedication to tribe and extended family. However, recently Tawodi has decided to leave the Shriikirri-Quah (Clan of the Hawk) for personal development and discovery. The fact that several generations of tribe members have been born, lived, and died during his life is probably most responsible for this decision.

Tawodi of the Hawk Clan

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