Reshoy Fin

Aasimar - Barbarian


Reshoy Fin stands 6’ 3" tall, with eyes as blue as the purest sapphire. His skin is alabaster in color with copper tones, His long hair shines like copper. Though he is slight of build, only weighing 180 lbs he has good muscle definition and commands attention.

His father is part of the local garrison and considered a skilled woodsman and tracker by his fellow solders. It was during one of his tracking sessions that he encountered a strange looking female elf…or what he thought was an elf…wearing gold leaf shaped earrings. She had a strange glow about her, not menacing or evil, rather comforting and welcoming. After their brief, but personal encounter, he thought she had moved on. It was 9 months later that Reshoy appeared on his father’s doorstep in a basket with one of his mother’s gold leaf shaped earring to mark him as her’s.

Reshoy Fin is a product of nature, having hunted goblins and orcs in the woods near his village since he was young with his father and the local garrison. With each passing raid he could feel himself grow stronger in his conviction to protect those closest to him, this went beyond blood ties.

Reshoy Fin

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