Icarus Gray



A man of fine class who like a coin is two sided. One-side a charming man who only wants to do good and solve things peacefully. He typically wears a top hat with finely made clothing and typically carries a finely made cane. The other a hunter of those who would pray on the weak no matter where they come from; is usually seen wearing a hood and a cover over his face and wears high quality hide armor.


The Story of Icarus Grey and Family
They Gray family is a noble family who is known for its fairness and willingness to protect the weak and their celestial blood within the large city of Magnimar more specifically in the Marble District. There the Gray Family is well known within some social groups as efficient merchants and negotiators. This is where Icarus’s story begins, a son of a Politician and a Mother who is the Aunt of the mayor of Sandpoint Kendra Deverin.One of the original families of Sandpoint. Icarus was unlike most of the children within his social status he was a person of adventure and during his youth would sneak out of Manor Gray and venture into the lower districts. This was happening behind his parents back, who sent to him tutors of speech and logic so that he may one day take hold of Manor Gray. Overtime, he was able to balance his studies with his adventures and made a friend in the process. Alof a servant boy whose family lived near the bazaar of sails. For a time, it was fun playing with the kids within the city street rats and children of craftsmen alike. However, during his teenage years a he was coming to Alof’s home and saw a body being carted away from the home. Icarus learned later that Alof was murdered for money by a gang within the district because Alof was associated with the with the Gray family and was hired by a rival family . After this event Icarus a person who originally saw balance within the world realized that no one protects the weak from villains and even the nobles within society . From this Icarus became Lucius a hunter in the night that acts as an archangel for the poor and a demon to the sinful. Now as tension brews in magnimar he is called to Sandpoint to restore order within the region by the decree of the agricultural merchant guild to solve the decrease in farm trade and Lucius is there to solve the mysterious murders that surround the area. What with our hero do next?

Lucius is described as a figure in black that is able to deal damage accurately with his bow Shadow Hunter- a composite longbow that has the limbs as black wings and the grip red leather.

The gray crest

Icarus Gray

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