Channel's the earth's power to wreak havok on his foes


Grael is a tiny dragon, barely as tall as a cat. He is a coppery green color, with wings that have rings that radiate away from him almost like soap bubbles. Kind, but serious, Grael can usually be found either around town or in the mage’s shop, where he resides at the graces of the eccentric Mr. Voon.


Born deep in the World’s Edge mountain range, Grael was the second-born son of two powerful taninim sorcerors who could date their lineage back thousands of years, claiming to draw their power from the earth itself. Grael’s early childhood has simple enough. He had a relatively secluded childhood, knowing only his parents, siblings, and the oread fey who traded with his parents in their mountain home. He was seven when his parents sent his sister away, “to the corner of the world.” When he asked why, he was told that she was being tested. Time passed, and soon he was called. His parents told him that he too was being called to prove himself. He was to be sent to a small escarpment called The Devil’s Platter, and from that point his choices were his own to make. He was to return to his parents only after thirty years had passed. Saying his goodbyes, he found himself being magically whisked away. Sure enough, he found himself thousands of miles from home.

He decided his first goal should be finding friends. Alas, his first few attempts saw his abrupt escape from the indigenous creatures of the area, goblins and ghouls. The goblins wished to play with him then eat him, and the ghouls seemed to just want to skip the first step. His luck seemed to change when he met a pair of dwarven brothers, Hadren and Rukil Earthson. Initially, the joining made no sense. Grael was young, inexperienced, got in the way, but he had two things going for him. He had a fiery wit, with a new joke always on his lips that kept the brothers laughing from sunrise to sunset, and he learned the trade instinctively. After a few months, the brothers claimed he was better in the mines than any non-dwarf they’d ever met. After a few years, they swore he was kin. Grael regularly accompanied the dwarves taking the goods back to Sandpoint, and became the official liaison between the two, negotiating a fair better deal than they were originally getting.

Grael entered the town of Sandpoint’s radar right as they were weathering some of their darkest days., and although a cat-sized dragon that could speak sparked curiosity, Chopper’s killing spree and the church’s immolation proved a greater concern. By the time things began to return to normal, Grael had become a regular enough fixture that his novelty had worn off. Grael was approached at some point about a year ago by an easily excitable man named Volvashali Voon. The man explained that he ran a magical curio shop in town, and he’d love to enter a business partnership. He further explained that Grael’s mere presence would add an air of mystery to his business, and in exchange, he’d provide free room and board. Grael, becoming quite fond of the people of Sandpoint, said his fond farewells to Hadren and Rukil, and took Mr. Voon up on his offer. The two have been quite close ever since, each teaching the other quite a lot about magic.


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