Lightbringer Lands

Assault on Thistletop

As the party regroups, they decide to press the attack. As they make their way through the brambles, the rope bridge looms ahead. Goblins taunt the party from the other side of the bridge as the party attempts to rush across the bridge. Just as they get on to the bridge, one side breaks free leaving the horizontal boards dangling vertically. Nadierra and Pishyakan manage to jump back to the cliff, Reshoy grabs the rope before falling, but Staly is unable to get a hold on the rope and plummets into the surf below.
Halted by the now lack of usable bridge, the party agrees to gather their rogue and attempt to regroup. Staly, now eighty feet below the party, swims over the the cliff face and tries to climb as she ignores her wounds. As the party is being pelted with goblin arrows Reshoy lowers down his rope and pulls Staly up, and then makes his way across the broken rope bridge dropping most of it on the parties side of the bridge. The party then takes their share of the bridge and destroys it so that the goblins are unable to rebuild the bridge.
As the party disposes of the bridge down the cave hole, a loud roar erupts nearly scaring the party half to death. Everyone agrees to camp out and keep a watch on the island to see if any goblins attempt to escape the island.
As the party waits for a couple of days, a row boat is spotted heading from the back side of the island and heading down the coast. Nadierra heads off down the coast and ambushes the goblins when they make landfall, and steals their row boat. The party then loads up on the row boat and heads to the island under the cover of night. As they make their way around the island, a small opening sixty feet up is spotted on the wall, overgrown and covered with vines and moss. Reshoy begins to climb the wall to make his way up to the opening.
As Reshoy makes it to the top, he spots a spherical gray creature with tentacles that looks vaguely squid-like. The rest of the party waits below in the boat as Reshoy attacks the squidling.

As the party makes their way to the cave, they search the cavern as Nadierra skins the squid creature and takes its poison gland. Staly and Reshoy find several doors out of the cavern to the east and a storage room to the south.
Searching through the doors, the party finds their way to a moderate sized room with six doors and a stairway leading upward. Looking through the doors, Reshoy and Staly stumble upon a bugbear and a group of goblins sleeping behind one of the doors. Shouting can be heard as the party gets in position to defend themselves.
The bugbear proves to be quite the challenge, but the party manages to take him down.
4 Arrows of Elvenbane 1
Studded Leather, Heavy Flail, MW Longbow Mighty (

The party collects things and moves forward, exploring room by room as they press forward in the dungeon.



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