Lightbringer Lands

Assault on Thistletop, episode 2

After speaking with Orik for a bit, the party decides to search the remaining bedrooms for more information before pressing on. Staly slips the lock open to Suto’s room. They find little of value, but they do see papers indicating his plans for the glassworks and exploring the catacombs of wrath.

In the next room, it is found to be Nualia’s room. We find more information about her motives and backstory, including her misshapen miscarriage, and an obsession to Lamashtu.

The third door has a light emanating from underneath it. Inside, the party finds a very neat room, with a torch burning on the wall. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be an ever burning torch.

Moving on, the party finds a room full of cells with a small gnome in one of the cells. They are able to free him, and he reveals his name to be Telbien. His gear is piled over in the corner.

As the party continues forward with their new companion, they head upstairs to deal with the goblin menace. As they clear the stairs, there is a large room with a packed dirt floor. In the middle of the room are several skeletons that look like horses. On the far wall are a pair of harpy wings pinned to the wall with daggers (one of which is very ornate, with a pearl in the pommel).

Staly quietly heads off to the left to check an opened door and finds a messy room where the goblins eat and play cards. Next to that door is sleeping quarters with a number of goblins sleeping in bunks. Staly and Nadierra quietly enter the room and cut the goblins’ throats. Moving further, the party approaches a door that apparently leads to the throne room, hearing a number of voices through the door.

After discussing amongst each other, the party decides to assault the throne room. They devise a plan and then charge in, with Staly and Telbien coming in the side door to flank.
As Reshoy opens the door, Nadierra lets a spear fly and glances Rip Nugget as he sits across the room. Grael drops a cloud of acid into the middle of the room, creating panic among the goblins, who up until this point had been performing a small theatrical production for their chief. As Orik and Pishyankan rush into the room, the goblin druid’s cat stops Pishyankan in her tracks.

Between Orik and Pishyakan, the druid’s cat doesn’t last long. Reshoy and Nadierra move in further and proceed to attack the group of goblins, with Rip Nugget blinded on the far side of the room from Grael’s cloud of acid. Just as the goblins think the mess is over, Grael launches another cloud of acid. While this one is less effective than the first, it does manage to put down several of the goblin commandos who have had no opportunity to even see what happened in this fight.

Finally unblinded from the acid, Rip Nugget leaps atop his large lizard mount, and heads for the nearest wall away from the onrushing heroes. As the main force from the entryway battle through goblins in an attempt to reach Rip Nugget, Staly and Telbien quietly slip through a side door that the goblins left unguarded and launch attacks of their own, with Staly delivering a devastating blow to the goblin druid from behind with her daggers and Telbien taking careful aim with his crossbow and hitting the unsuspecting druid square in the chest.

Just as our heroes thought they had the advantage, the war chanter in the back of the goblins (who up until now had been mostly removed from the fight) casts a spell that coats the main entry way in a slippery layer of grease, causing Orik and Nadierra to slip and fall. Grael carefully skirts the greasy area to press forward into the chaos.
The goblin druid, in an effort to get away from Staly and to contribute to the fight, moves forward toward Orik and Nadierra on the ground and unleashes a magical sneeze of flaming, sticky mucus. Unable to avoid the mess, Nadierra closes her eyes and braces herself on the floor as the viscous mixture is slung across her body. Orik doesn’t even manage to turn his head away in time and is hit full force in the face. With the druid now further forward, Reshoy doesn’t hesitate to slam his flail against the poor druid with enough force to bounce the head of the flail into one of the few goblin commandos who was fortunate enough to survive Grael’s acidic onslaught.

Meanwhile, as the party has been preoccupied with the goblin druid, Rip Nugget has ridden his mount up the wall and across the ceiling. Reshoy looks up just in time to avoid being hit with a devastating charge as Rip Nugget uses his momentum to swing his weapon down at Reshoy’s head. As Reshoy returns the favor to Rip Nugget with a swing of his mighty flail, it is becoming obvious to Rip Nugget that he is losing this fight, so he makes an attempt to flee out the side door that Staly had entered previously, albeit along the ceiling. As he is almost out of the room, Nadierra lets loose another blast of air, hoping to knock Rip Nugget from the ceiling, but fails.

With Rip Nugget finally out of the room, the chase is on. All of the other goblins lay dead or dying in the throne room. Half of the party is injured or on the ground. Reshoy charges out the side door after Rip Nugget with Pishyankan hot on his heels while the rest of the party collects themselves. Grael, having faired the best of the adventurers thus far, manages to get past the greased main entrance to attempt to head Rip Nugget off. Just a moment after Grael clears the doorway, Nadierra climbs to her feet and, not wanting to tread across the slippery floor, makes a standing leap across the ten feet and into the hallway. After seeing her perform this stunt, Orik attempts the same and slips on the grease, slamming his back on the wooden floor with a crash.

After rounding the corner to chase Rip Nugget, Pishyankan leaps into the air to grab the goblin with her claws. Rip Nugget is latched securely in his saddle, however, leaving the panther hanging in the air… until the weight of the goblin rider and the large cat proves too much for the poor lizard to bear and all three come crashing to the floor.
With not an instant to spare, Rip Nugget manages to guide his mount to its feet before Reshoy can close the distance to finish the job he started. With its feet under it, the lizard doesn’t wait to be directed away from certain death and runs up the stairs in the adjacent room to the watch tower.

As Reshoy, Pishyankan, and Nadierra clear the top of the stairs only a few seconds later, Rip Nugget is nowhere to be found. A moderate rain has rolled in while the party has been dealing with things inside and visibility isn’t very good. Even with the overcast night sky, it is plain to see two goblin commandos awaiting their arrival in the tower, however. As Reshoy dashes forward to make short work of the goblins, Nadierra and Pishyankan focus on locating Rip Nugget. As Pishyankan indicates that she picked up his scent, Nadierra leaps off the tower onto the roof in an attempt to follow the goblin war chief. As she lands on the slick wooden shingles, she rolls to her feet, catches the peak of the roof and uses it to direct her movement toward where she hopes she will find him.



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