Lightbringer Lands

Chapter 1 Part 4 Catacombs of Wrath

A quasit Screams what can only be obscenities at the party as they walk into a large cathedral like room. It cuts its Arm, dripping blood into the pool of lava like water it is flying over as Nadierra casts Faerie Fire on it. A few seconds later the pools spits forth What the party has determined to be a wrathspawn. The quasit trys to hold then command party members with her spells while the rest of the party takes down the strange creature from the pool, the panther attempts to leap up and snatches the quasit from the air, dragging it to the ground.

Cornu casts magic missile at the pinned quasit, and Staly moves up quickly to stab it with the cold iron dagger. As the rest of the party moves up to attack the quasit, Grael attempts to help the grapple by hanging on to the quasit which just results in him being flailed around ineffectively. In a short amount of time, the quasit goes limp with its shredded silk gown, and Reshoy decides to coup de grace the unmoving monster.

The quasit had a tiny tiara (50g) and a tiny cold Iron dagger (which is magic), as well as a very tiny holy symbol. The ranseur from last session remains 400g

After the threat of the quasit is over, Grael suggests we use the quasit’s dead body to put blood into the pool to drain it of its magic power. Cornu cuts himself over the pool and summons another of the strange creatures. As it manifests, Reshoy is in position to immediately attack. The creature spills it’s blood in the pool as it dies summoning another creature and the process repeats until the pool loses it’s glow

After the pool’s power appears to be depleted, the group continues on through the dungeon, back to the point where the statue stands. Staly checks the remaining door for traps, and then they decide to open it and see what lies beyond.

A prison lies beyond, with empty cells lining the walls below a rickety wooden platform that overlooks them. As Reshoy walks in, two of the sin spawn similar to before attack him. The party quickly destroys them and then checks the room, finding nothing. As they move forward, they find a torture room with two doors leading out. The southern door leads to a side room with a table, several chairs, and lots of paper on the table written in a strange language. As the party checks the papers, Cornu takes interest in the strange language, and Nadierra notices a magic scroll amongst the mess of papers. On the south wall of the room are three doors with strange symbols on it. The party elects to leave the doors for now.

After they decide to move on, the second door leads down a hallway to what appears to a large room with a vaulted 20ft ceiling. On the floor sit a bunch of pallets in the room. In the middle of the room stands a man sized three armed goblin. Staly lets an arrow fly, but it misses horribly. The goblin takes the opportunity of the missed attack to attempt to run and hide, but Reshoy covers the distance too quickly and makes it regret its existence. The goblin had a magic sword, a silver dagger, and a MW handaxe.
The wooden pallets cover pits each filled with a pair of zombies, with eight pits in total. While the party is discussing the weapons they found, Nadierra uncovers the pits and dispatches the zombies.

As the party continues down the hallway to the south, there is a staircase that used to lead down that is now collapsed and ahead is a spherical room. The walls of the room are a strange red metal that ripple with electrical power that form words in a strange language. Several objects in the center of the room float around; a book, a scroll, a twisted iron wand, and a dead raven surrounded by a cloud of maggots. Grael enters the room and attempts to throw the floating objects out the door to the party.
The party heads back to the three doors that they left before and opens them, finding several misshapen skeletons. Presumably, these were part of some experiment.

Finally the party goes up the stairwell by the statue that they left earlier. At the top of the stairs, there is a door. Behind the door is a fountain with a pool of water surrounded by skulls with a pool in the middle that occasionally ripples. On the north and south walls are torches, and across the pedestal from the party floats a disembodied head with tentacles writhing from it with bat-like wings. It screeches, and a horrible sound emanates from its mouth. As Reshoy moves forward to attack it, another appears from above the fountain and attacks him. Staly enters the room to attack the newly appeared creature with her dagger just before a spear from Nadierra flies through the room, slamming into the furthest creature. Next, Cornu enters the fight as well. In only a couple rounds, both of the creatures are bleeding on the floor. As Nadierra collects her thrown spears, the party gathers to continue forward. The stairwell ahead leads upward, and as the party climbs, they find it collapsed. With this, they agree to head back to rest, and ideas of potentially turning this into a base of operations are passed around the party.

Who is Malfeshnekor? How can Sandpoint be saved from the goblin attacks? Where has Nualia been hiding? What is going on at Thistletop? What is the strange language? What is the significance of the seven pointed star?

For the answers to the last two questions the party seeks out the local scholar Brodert Quink



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