Lightbringer Lands

Approaching Thistletop

After speaking with Broderk and gathering supplies in the party continues on to Thistletop.
A curiously round island about 60 ft off the shore is connected to the mainland by a rope bridge. In certain lighting, the island looks sort of like a head; an ancient statue from a forgotten empire from days long past.

Thistle and thorn briars wrap all over the area by the cliff face. Nadierra scouts forward and finds several goblin tunnels through the briars. She finds a camp of goblins, as well as half a dozen goblin dogs that are chained down. She goes back to retrieve the party and guides them safely through the brush toward the goblin camp.

Reshoy moves up near the camp to eavesdrop, and learns that the goblins are fearful of their leader. Apparently he has been throwing them down a cave to execute them when they displease him. The goblins hear Reshoy’s movement and attack. Grael removes a chunck of earth under the entrance to the goblin camp as the goblins run through the tunnel entrance.

Nadierra disappears into the brush, only to turn up again a moment later, launching an attack at the goblins up against the brush with her spear. As she does so, the panther launches itself into the fray, killing goblin after goblin, unaffected by the low ceiling of the bramble tunnel. Cornu follows the panther into the camp and starts hacking away at goblins.
After a short battle, with the goblins confused as attacks come in from all directions, they give up fighting in the face of certain death.

Nadierra convinces the party to allow the goblins to leave peacefully, and Reshoy gives them instructions (as he is the only able to communicate with the goblins). As the party is attempting to clear up the mess, Nadierra spots something out of the corner of her eye and the party goes on full alert as the undergrowth comes alive and begins to attack the party.
Howling and barking is heard as the goblin dogs charge at the party through the goblin tunnel, and Nadierra readies herself to cast a spell. Reshoy moves up to attack the onslaught of dogs rushing toward them. Cornu moves to the southern path that had been cut in the brush and discovers another hunting cat attacking the fleeing goblins. As he gets there, more goblin dogs come forward at him. Staly moves up to support him and stabs the dog.

As Nadierra’s spell takes effect, she charges into the brush with greater strength, slamming into the hidden goblin druid and forcing him back in an attempt to push him off the cliff. The attempt falls just short, and the goblin druid swings at her with a blade made of flame.
Realizing his position, the druid runs. As Nadierra gives chase, she casts a gust of wind that knocks the goblin druid from his feet right as Staly appears from around the corner to try to attack the druid. Staly is momentarily halted as the prone goblin turns into a tree right before her eyes. As she stands there, Nadierra rushes forward and slams the head of her spear into the bark of the tree, so Staly attacks the tree with her dagger. The druid then transforms back into his goblin form and flees. Nadierra takes a stab at the goblin while Staly is left confused by the quick series of events.

As Nadierra attempts to give chase to the druid, she gets ambushed by the goblin druid’s cat companion and tripped to the ground with a cry of pain. Hearing the cry of pain, Pishyakan comes running.

Staly and Cornu finish off the last goblin dog in the area, and Grael and Reshoy keep trying to remove themselves from the area of entanglement. As the party frees itself, the goblin druid’s cat companion flees, leaving the party to collect themselves and regroup.



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